Writing For the Brain Fitness Genre?

I've created a new article directory with specific categories for the Brain Training/Brain Fitness marketplace. Current categories include Brain Games, General Info, Memory and Ageing, Memory and Diet, Memory and Emotion, Memory and Exercise, Memory and Hypnosis, Memory and Meditation, Memory and Sleep, Stress. Study Skills. Please contact me if you'd like another category added.

It’s no secret that the Brain Training marketplace is rapidly growing. The search term ‘. Brain training’. In Google currently yields 37,800,000 hits. Of course, that number is steadily growing.

The increase in popularity of brain training / brain fitness, I believe, is because of Baby Boomer’s experiences looking after their parents. –. Many are having to deal with issues related to memory loss. It’s a difficult time of life, watching your parents become old, frail. Forgetful.

Baby Boomers have always taken good care of themselves and are realizing that the quality of life in their senior years will require them to be mentally fit as well as physically fit. Besides, they don’t want to burden their children any more than they've to.

I’ve created the only (as far as I can find) Brain Training / Brain Fitness Article Directory. Yes, there are companies that publish their own articles in a variety of directories but none have specific brain training related categories. As far as I know, my article directory is the first.

My purpose in setting up the Brain-training-Fitness Article Directory was to make it easier for consumers to conduct research without having to wade through dozens of web sites looking for relevant articles and content experts to share their expertise. Think of it like this: rather than having shoppers drive all over town finding stores selling memory improvement products, I’ve built a ‘mall’. Where consumers and sellers can meet and exchange information easily. I think it’s a time saver for everyone involved.

A HUGE advantage is that my article directory is on page one of google. That puts my ‘mall’. Ahead of approximately 37,799,995 other web sites dealing with brain training. Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of my location?

NOTE: Because no other article directory has the same categories, you’ll need to register as an author on my site. It only takes a minute, it’s a double opt-in process (so be sure to check your Spam box for the confirmation email). I respect your privacy –. I don’t share your emails –. Won’t bombard you with cheap/tacky get rich quick offers.

The Brain Training Fitness Article Directory lets buyers and experts meet quickly and easily. Consumers – save time researching. Merchants – benefit from excellent Google exposure at no cost. It’s a win-win! Click here for Brain Training Product Reviews.

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