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ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ventyx, the leading Service

Delivery Management (SDM) solution provider, today announced general

availability of the newest release of its industry-leading enterprise

asset management (EAM) solution, Asset

Suite. Release 6.0 of Asset Suite delivers key enhancements to its

industry-leading feature set for managing work and assets, safety and

compliance and the maintenance supply chain for clients in

asset-intensive industries. Through a new release of its

services-oriented Foundation

Architecture, the solution also provides enhanced flexibility for

easily tailoring its features and navigation to the unique needs of

specific organizations and a more diverse set of users.

Among the numerous enhancements to Asset Suite 6.0 are new features in

the following key areas:

  • Work Management – The solution

    enhances users’ ability to take credit for

    overlapping preventive maintenance routines, recalculate resources for

    model work orders based on actual results and automate the completion

    of work orders.

  • Supply Chain Management – Improved

    security, extended lead times for parts staging and additional tax

    considerations in invoice matching are just some of the new

    procurement-related features in Release 6.0.

  • Library of Tailored Pages – A

    searchable, indexed library of more than 300 preconfigured XML pages

    provides a jumpstart for implementation and development of role-based

    views and business processes. Can be further tailored by the

    client to meet specific user, department or organizational needs.

  • Web Service Catalog – The Foundation

    Architecture now includes a catalog of more than 100 Web services

    which allow clients to easily develop workflows, integrate to

    third-party solutions and create system-to-system interfaces

    independent of underlying code.

  • Usability – The new release provides

    innovative features enhancing usability, including a highly intuitive

    interface with advanced navigation features such as tabs and grids, a

    rebranded context-sensitive online help and e-learning and a toolkit

    available to facilitate tuning the online help and e-learning features

    to specific customer requirements.

  • Internationalization – A new toolkit

    facilitates and automates localization.

“Asset Suite 6.0 is the culmination of years

of research, development and testing – by

Ventyx and by our industry-leading clients and partners as well,”

said Ventyx CTO Steve Carpenter. “As a

result, Asset Suite 6.0 continues to be the industry standard in meeting

the needs of the most demanding and asset-intensive industries. And,

with its enhanced tailorability and usability features, Asset Suite can

now meet the needs of an even wider set of users in the industries we

serve, including utilities, communications and other commercial markets.”

New Architecture Key to Enhanced Navigation and Integration

Asset Suite 6.0 delivers the flexibility and ease of use provided by the

latest release of the company’s Foundation

Architecture. Developed using a services-orientated architecture (SOA),

the Foundation Architecture provides enhanced configurability and

agility to meet rapidly evolving business needs. In addition, Asset

Suite delivers a personal user interface that includes role and

rule-based content and workflow-based navigation and is configurable for

the individual user. Design techniques for the Asset Suite user

interface incorporate human factors and industry best practices for an

intuitive, visually compelling environment. Productivity and usability

aids to improve the user experience include hover tips, pop-ups, wizards

and drop-down lists. In addition, simplified workflows that optimize the

workflow of routine tasks eliminate the need for the user to have

detailed Asset Suite knowledge.

Numerous Ventyx clients were involved in developing Asset Suite’s

new user interface. Many are already reaping the benefits. One such

client is Entergy

Corporation, the second-largest nuclear generator in the U.S. “We

were pretty excited about the new user interface enabled by the

Foundation Architecture because we saw it as a way to provide our end

users with a more facile way to navigate and to do their jobs,”

said John S. Smith, former Director, Nuclear IT, Entergy Corporation. “In

total cost of implementation and in the ability for one product to

manage our full suite of actions and activities, the Ventyx solution was

the best. Working with Ventyx, Entergy was able to use the tailoring and

workflow process development that the new user interface offered to

provide a solution that moves us toward our specific requirements.”

Web Services Ensure Optimum Flexibility to Grow as Needs Change

Asset Suite 6.0 is delivered with more than a dozen predefined workflows

to guide users through focused processes, such as creating work orders

and material requests. The Foundation Architecture also includes a

catalog of more than 100 Web services. As a result, clients can use the

Web services to build their own workflows to share tasks and information

across diverse systems and departments, without an intimate knowledge of

programming languages and independent of the underlying code in the

software solutions.

The inclusion of these Web services will help clients continue to tailor

Asset Suite to their precise needs as business challenges grow. And, it

will help them keep up with a growing number of colleagues and

competitors in their industry who are leveraging Web services and

related technology. According to a recent Gartner report, “Survey

results indicate that companies are achieving very high levels of

service reuse and are planning to spend more than 20 percent of their

2007 IT budgets (hardware, software, internal staffing and IT services)

on items related to SOA, Web 2.0 and Web services.”1


Asset Suite 6.0 is available immediately from Ventyx and its certified

reseller partners. For more information, contact your local sales

representative or send an email to [email protected]

About Ventyx

Ventyx is the leading provider of proven Service Delivery Management

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documentation —. Empowering organizations to maximize efficiencies in

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1 User Survey Analysis: SOA, Web Services and

Web 2.0 User Adoption Trends and Recommendations for Software Vendors,

North America and Europe, 2005-2006. Gartner. Michele Cantara. January

31, 2007.

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