Sterling Silver Bracelets and Bangles are available in Traditional and Modern Patterns

If you're fond of silver jewelry, you can purchase from online stores. Thailand is famous for its silver jewelry and precious stones. The exquisite intricate work of the Thai craftsmen is admired by people around the world. Silver bracelets are trendy and are preferred by girls and young ladies.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Everyone wants quality jewelry and when you're looking around for sterling silver bracelets, you should look out for quality craftsmanship and genuine metal. Sterling silver jewelry has great value and is an investment. it's referred to as ‘925 silver’. Buy bracelets and other silver jewelry from reliable online stores. Today, bracelets come in a range of styles and designs. You can get charm bracelets or cuff bracelets. Some of them are simple yet elegant. You can avail of plain sterling silver cuff bracelets with strong knots at either ends that are handcrafted in oxidized silver. This design gives it a traditional touch. Broad bracelets that have a woven design will glisten when sterling silver is used. Some of the designs such as a bangle with a wicker look or with enamel details are intricate. For those who want delicate patterns that have significance, you can select a bracelet with hearts.

Buy Intricate Silver Bangles Online

Handcrafted silver bangles have a unique look and can be worn for any occasion. Moreover, if it's handmade, you can be sure that it's rare. Handmade silver jewelry comes mainly from Thailand or even Bali. So, you can be sure to get exquisite pieces in silver. It’s distinctive as the craftsmen get inspiration from natural elements. Various designs and patterns are available at the online stores. Some of the bangles have elaborate work. Traditional patterns with elephants or dragon art are commonly used by Thai craftsmen. You can buy bangles with enamel work that gives a dressy ethnic look. Bangles with simple patterns are also available. Although simple, they're very elegant because of the laser cut. This cut gives a shimmer to the jewelry. You can get adjustable square and spring bangles in silver that'll fit any size. Other unique designs are cuffs with triple strands or a plain bangle that looks like a wedding ring.

Tips to Identify Sterling Silver Jewelry

When you shop online for sterling silver bracelets or other jewelry, you've to be cautious of the store you're purchasing from. Reliable stores don't cheat their clients. Nevertheless, in order to be certain that you're getting the genuine product, you've to examine the jewelry carefully. A fake piece will have discolored areas especially on the edges. An authenticating impression or hallmark on the bracelet is a good sign to show that it’s genuine. Normally, sterling silver will have the mark ‘925’. On the jewelry. However, don't be carried away by the mark. This can't assure you that it's pure. A test with nitric acid will reveal if the piece is sterling or not. If the portion turns cream in color, you can be certain that the jewelry is sterling. By weighing the product against a sterling silver of the same size, you can find out if it's genuine. Silver-plated jewelry is clearly lighter than sterling silver.silver bracelets, silver bangles, sterling silver bracelets

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