How a Hobby Can Heal You

By being as fulfilled and content in the moment as you can possibly be, it makes you a happier, kinder person. This will help you deal with other people and with stress and stressful situations. By taking up a hobby that you love and enjoy practising, you're getting rid of stress and improving your overall health and vitality.

Nowadays, we all live extremely fast paced lives. With demanding jobs and employers, trying to keep up with the kids and dealing with the every day road rage. People are more stressed today than ever before. it's no surprise, given the extra financial pressure, supporting a family, paying the mortgage in the current global downturn. A recent survey shows that 80% of all of us are worried about the economy, owing to the worst financial crisis since the Wall Street crash of 1929. The Great Depression that followed. So it's not just you and me complaining about rising food and fuel prices, the whole world is crying and complaining. With raising kids, caring for ageing parents and family, preparing and supplying healthy meals to your family and getting enough exercise, people the world over are struggling to keep afloat and it's taking its toll on their and our lives and health. This is the reason why it's very important to pursue inexpensive activities or hobbies that'll relieve your stress level, relax you. At the same time bring you joy.

Start to live in the moment, because true happiness comes from being engrossed in something that stretches you, which gives you a sense of purpose. Having and practising a hobby you love will offer you mental, physical and spiritual benefits, which will improve your health and all over well-being.

Some hobbies that make you focus on the present, that distract you from your worries and anxieties, includes making model cars and scale models, scrap booking, cooking, gardening and taking photographs. These are just a few ideas for us to become absorbed in the moment. That we're able to, even just momentarily, forget any other stresses or troubles we might've.

Then such pastimes as knitting or making quilts will bring about a sense of peace and connectivity, it gives you a chance to reflect inward, to centre yourself. To be quiet and contemplative. It can also even benefit your relationships with those around you, like your co-workers, family and friends, because you tend to get “lost”. In our hobbies, rather than get caught up in the continual stress cycle of your life. When you take some time out to do something that you really like, love and enjoy that'll give you pleasure. Not just you but everyone in your life will benefit from it. Also having finished something you made or build with your own hands, will make you feel extremely achieved and fabulous about yourself and about something that you've created yourself. The creativity that's involved with any hobby and creating things with your hands is an all out feel good factor, an entire therapy in itself.

Pursuing a hobby will also have other benefits to you such as rid you of complete and utter boredom and loneliness. By trying new things and being creative, you're promoting brain plasticity, in other words it promotes your brain flexibility and growth. Some examples include singing, dancing, painting or doing crosswords and brain teasers. Such activities can even prompt your brain to rewire, which will fend off dementia and assist in maintaining a good mental health. When you stimulate and challenge your brain, your brain cells sprout new connections, called dendrites and new contact points, called synapses, which improves brain communication. Creative, stimulating hobbies will help you remain vital and sharp throughout your golden years.

Lets look at a few guidelines to tap into the healing power of hobbies.
Firstly determine your personality, then match a hobby you like to your personality. If you're a detailed oriented person, a perfectionist, you'll like hobbies that require lot of precision. In case you're a more spontaneous person, if you like to make a mess, you'd not like activities that make you do a lot of measuring and precision work, that'll only cause you frustration rather than relaxing you. you'll not like to do it for very long, you'll give up on that easily.

Good ideas for hobbies that stills the mind and relieves stress, evoking a feeling of calm and enhances health which also reduces the risk of hearth disease would be rhythmic and repetitive activities such as knitting or sewing.
Then make sure to make time for your hobby, at least once a week. Ideally every day. For prolonged benefits it's advised that you spend at least 20 minutes or longer a day on your hobby.

Try to create your own space for your hobby, your own dedicated hobby area in your home. This is important for you to be able to play a little whenever you've a few minutes to spare.

Take a class. Join a group that's the same hobbies and interests as you've. we're all social beings. Socializing about our hobbies and interests also helps relieve stress.

Remember to always enjoy the process of what you're doing, don't rush anything concerning or involving your hobby. The fun and the healing benefits are all in the process of what you're doing. that's when you set aside every day concerns and worries. The whole idea and objective of your hobby is to do something that pleases you, that makes you feel happy, that reduces your stress levels, that feeds your soul and gives you a sense of purpose and wellbeing. Remember to allow yourself to enjoy your hobby without expecting too much of yourself and your creation by being a perfectionist and expecting a masterpiece. don't to make your hobby a chore, by expecting it to be perfect. you'll completely lose out on the therapeutic benefits and fun of it.

don't mind or listen to what other people think of you and your hobby, it's none of your business, ignore it all, be bold and pursue your hobby for yourself and yourself alone.

So, go out there right now and start to identify a hobbies that might interest and stimulate you in you leisure time, then surf the net to see what your hobby or interests entails. Remember that whatever you do should keep you interested for a long time, not just a week or a month or two, the longer the better.

In case you feel or are afraid that pursuing a hobby will take up your free time you've to spent with your family, be clever about it, get them involved. Do something that the whole family will enjoy and would like to do together with you, which will relieve not only your stress but the whole family’s, it'll also make your family grow and get to know each other on a whole other level entirely. Start something together as a family. Get involved in your kids or you partners hobby. Begin being involved in each others lives, hobbies and interests.

Just some of the examples of my own unique hobbies I work on, on a daily basis, which gives me extremely relaxing results…

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