Best Natural Foods That Cleanse Your Arteries

The flexibility of the arteries that supplies blood and oxygen to the body should be intact. There are many important processes that take place in these arteries. Major changes takes place in these arteries that contribute to the proper functioning of heart.

Deposits that are accumulated on these arteries can cause serious issues. These deposits are mainly cholesterol, cellular waste product, fatty substance and calcium. If the deposits are frequent without any care then this might block the flow of blood in arteries. The situation might be dangerous and can lead to a cardiac arrest or a heart stroke depending upon the capability of a person to manage the blockage.

Plaques which build up inside the arteries are the main cause of heart stroke. You should avoid any cardiac illness because it might lead to death as well. Have food which is good for your heart and keeps your heart healthy. Do regular cardio vascular exercises that keep the heart pumping and blood cleaning. Avoid intake or consumption of such foods which will trigger blockage of arteries. Here are some foods have been identifies which are good for cleansing the arteries. These type of foods are mentioned below-

1. The grapefruits which contains a special type of fiber known as pectin and this pectin is famous to lower down the increment of atherosclerosis.

2. Green tea is one of the best drinks for the heart as suggested by many experts. This green tea has an ingredient that prevents the blood clot and makes the arteries free smooth and available for hassle free blood flow.

3. An apple a day keeps a doctor away a very famous saying about apple and works great for heart.

4. Beans like Garbanzo are also very beneficial for smoothening of arteries. Survey shows that proper consumption of Garbanzo will definitely give protection from all cardiac issues major or minor.

5. The olive oil is essential for the better performance of heart. The oxidized cholesterol is prevented by the use of olive oil to stick to the walls of arteries. The formation of plaques is minimized by the use of olive oil. This oil speaks for heart as it's what it takes to secure the heart from artery blockage.

6. Spinach is also equally goof for the proper functioning of the heart. it's vitamin A and Vitamin C. These two vitamins work great for heart and prevent any sort of cholesterol formation that might harm the arteries and increases the risk of heart strokes.

7. Salmon or any omega 3 rich fatty acid is efficient in making the arteries smooth and clean.

8. Tomatoes which are easily available and are affordable as well will definitely do well to your heart. The lycopene that's found in tomatoes is very beneficial for heart. The antioxidant nature of this lycopene makes an attempt to stop or restrict the formation of plaques and makes the arteries smooth and free from any blockage.

9. Swiss chard which is again an antioxidant and is beautifully made for the heart to function properly. Atherosclerosis is prevented by this swiss chard and it's proved efficient in maintain the flow of quality blood in arteries.

10. Garlic. Since ancient times, garlic has been used to treat heart diseases ( including high cholesterol, atherosclerosis ) and hypertension. A study published in Preventive Medicine shows that garlic can prevent and reverse coronary artery calcification.

11. Pomegranate is an excellent source of antioxidant that can help reduce artery hardening. A daily glass of pomegranate juice can help cleanse your arteries and improve blood flow in your arteries. A new study shows that pomegranate juice may help fight hardening of the arteries and related diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes.

12. Berries (such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries. Blueberries) contain powerful antioxidants flavonoids that can help fight artery hardening and protect artery walls from plaque.

There are many other foods which will help you to restore the health of your heart. Diet is the key for a healthy heart but regular work outs shouldn't be missed. Simple aerobics of a brisk walk of 3 kilometers daily would definitely help you make your heart healthy.

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